Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Faculty Development (JFD) must adhere to the following guidelines:

[1] Manuscripts submitted should be correctly formatted, well written, and free of surface-level grammatical errors.

[2] Divide the text of a manuscript into headings (not to exceed three levels) and follow APA style guidelines on Levels of Headings — rule 3.03.

[3] Avoid the use of jargon and define terms that are likely to be unfamiliar to readers.

[4] Discuss the evaluation process and results in great detail if your manuscript is a case study or a description of a program.

[5] Ensure that you fully address the implications of the research for practice in higher education if your manuscript is an empirical research study.

[6] Situate the manuscript in the most recent and historical scholarly literature.

[7] Manuscripts should generally not exceed 3,500 words (approximately 14 pages, double spaced, including references, tables, and figures). Manuscripts that exceed this requirement will be sent back for revision.

[8] Manuscripts must conform to APA Style, 6th Edition. Please double-check references, citations, headings, figures, and graphs for compliance with APA format.

[9] Page size should be 8.5 x 11-inches.

[10] All margins (left, right, top and bottom) should be 1 inch, including tables and figures.

[11] Use 12-point Times New Roman font for the body of the text.

[12] Use a single column layout with left justified.

[13] The name and complete address, telephone, and email address of each author should appear on a separate cover page, so it can be removed for the blind review process.

[14] All figures and tables should appear at the end of the manuscript, each on a separate page. All portions of figures and tables must be in black only, and created in the word processing program, not generated from a linked spreadsheet or other application. The author(s) should indicate placement of figure or table by inserting a notation, “Insert Figure X about here,” at the appropriate point in the manuscript (between paragraphs).

[15] The manuscript should include a 100-word abstract. Manuscripts that go over the 100-word limit will be sent back for revision.

[16] Each author should include a 2-3 sentence biographical sketch along with postal and email addresses for each author.

[17] Use consistent formatting of author bios, including degree. Author bios should be no longer than two to three sentences. Author name(s) should appear in bold. Degree should follow author name as applicable.

For example:

Charlie Sweet, Ph.D., is the Co-Director of the Teaching & Learning Center at Eastern Kentucky University. With Hal, he has collaborated on over 1100 published works, including 23 books, literary criticism, educational research, and novels (as Quinn MacHollister).

Hal Blythe, Ph.D., is the Co-Director of the Teaching & Learning Center. With Charlie, he has collaborated on over 1100 published works, including 22 books (eight in New Forums’ popular It Works For Me series), literary criticism, educational research, and a stint as ghostwriter of the lead novella for the Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine.


Last updated Oct. 22, 2016