Case Studies in College Leadership

Key Information

Case Studies in College Leadership, by G. David Gearhart, Michael T. Miller

2019 [ISBN: 978-1581073454; 376 pages, 5.5 x 0.85 x 8.5, soft cover], $29.20


With accusations of secret searches and political agendas, the American college presidency is changing as never before. Once the domain of academic affairs, college presidents now come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and this breadth of experience is increasingly important as the challenges presidents face are more varied than at any time in history.

College presidents must somehow balance the needs of faculty and students with those of trustees and the public at large.The lessons of the presidency reflect those of institutional leadership throughout the academy, and everyone with a vested interest in the future of higher education has a responsibility to consider the complexity of institutions today.

The case studies presented in this book are all based on real-world scenarios that require critical thinking, breaking down silos of responsibility, and finding solutions where none are immediately clear. These cases do not provide the answers about how to be a successful college president, but rather, force the reader to learn how to learn about problem solving.Cases in the text include such contemporary topics as guns on campus, undocumented students, charter schools, big time college sports, and sexual harassment. All 15 case studies are appropriate for any discussion of college leadership in today’s complex, fast changing world.

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