Emerging Trends in Higher Education

Key Information

Emerging Trends in Higher Education, by Michael G. Strawser, James D. Breslin, Adam Elias

2019 [ISBN: 978-1581073409; 184 pages, 6 x 0.42 x 9, soft cover], $37.95


As the higher education market becomes more saturated with competition and as enrollment demographics continue to shift, universities must become more adept at developing, implementing, and promoting strategic initiatives. Recently, Bellarmine University, a private liberal arts institution in Louisville, KY, created a new strategic plan. The strategic planning process was a campus-wide initiative bringing together faculty, staff, and administrators.

This resource was inspired by that strategic planning process. The authors played integral roles in the strategic planning process during their time at Bellarmine. Each author created a section that either connects directly to their expertise or is connected to their experiences during the strategic planning process.

This resource is applicable for any institution and provides a structured, readable, and applicable strategic planning resource. As an overview of emerging trends, this book can be used by faculty, staff, and administrators alike to evaluate current institutional dynamics in light of national and international trends.

The authors, like those in your own institutions, may not agree on every point, and you will see that play out across these pages, but differing perspectives provide value. This resource includes questions to ponder at the end of every chapter that can help small groups and work groups think strategically about next steps. The book is divided into three easy to read sections: Institutional Economics (exploring university finances); Student Services; and Teaching and Learning.

The Author

Michael G. Strawser: Michael G. Strawser is an assistant professor and the Deputy Assistant Director responsible for Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction in the Department of Communication at the University of Central Florida. He is also the owner of/and lead consultant for Legacy Communication (www.legacyctc.com) in Orlando, FL.

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