Great Teachers: Exploring Excellence in Education

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Great Teachers: Exploring Excellence in Education, by Kevin P. Bartram D.M.A.

2022 [ISBN: 978-1581073690; 314 pages, 8.5 x 0.71 x 11, soft cover], $32.82


We all know the results of great teaching: happy, successful students who are engaged in the classroom and love learning. But how do these results come about? Are there common traits, tools, or approaches used by the most gifted teachers across different subject areas that can be emulated to produce high-level outcomes?

To uncover these secrets, we would need to be given exclusive access to their classrooms, observing them work their magic in person to see for ourselves how they’ve developed their techniques to spark their students’ imaginations.
In Great Teachers we take you inside the classrooms—and the heads—of some of America’s greatest teachers, opening the door to those inspired teaching strategies that distinguish excellence in the field of education. While most of these strategies are generally known, the real secret is how they were applied by these teaching geniuses.

From Leonard Bernstein and Christa McAuliffe to Teachers of the Year across the nation and across a variety of subjects, Great Teachers invites us in to witness the historic shaping of students’ futures while unlocking their common themes and successful approaches that other teachers can employ to light that same spark in their own students. No matter the grade or discipline, Great Teachers energizes and empowers all teachers to return to our own classrooms and dare to be great.

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