Key Information

Fellow Dreamers: Oklahoma, Education and the World, By Paul William Bass

2008 [ISBN: 1-58107-145-0; 226 pages; 5 ½ x 8 ½ inch; soft cover] $18.95


FDwebCov2Henry Garland Bennett was an individual who loomed larger than life in many circles— most notably higher education in Oklahoma. Though he tragically died more than fifty years ago in the service of his country, Dr. Bennett is still highly regarded in Oklahoma. In No Little Dreams, author Paul Bass rekindled the life of Henry Bennett and his service to his community, state and nation. However, one volume was not enough to tell of Bennett’s relationships with important state, national and international political leaders. With Fellow Dreamers, Bass continues the story of Bennett’s distinguished career and friendships that developed over his life. Such notables of Oklahoma history include Governors William Holloway and Robert S. Kerr who later rose to serve in the United States Senate; both were lifelong friends who provided opportunities by introducing Bennett to James Webb and subsequently President Harry S. Truman.

The Contents

Chapter One-Henry Garland Bennett: A man of “no little dreams”
Background of a Dreamer, Preparing for the Dreams, Actualizing the Dreams International Dreams, Tragic Death and Legacy of the Dreams
Chapter Two-William Judson Holloway: A lifelong friend and supporter of the dreams
Background of a Dreamer, Preparing for the Dreams, Governorship of Oklahoma: Keeping the Dream from Becoming a Nightmare, Supporter of Dreams
Chapter Three-Robert Samuel Kerr: A political ally paving the way for the dreams
Background of a Dreamer, Dreams for Oklahoma Supporter of National Dreams
Chapter Four-Harry S. Truman: A fellow commoner with dreams in common Background of a Dreamer, Political Dreams, Presidential Dreams, International Dreams
Chapter Five-Haile Selaisie: An international ally with national dreams
Background of a Dreamer, Dreams of a National Leader, Challenges of a National Leader, Point Four Dreams Dreams, Beyond Point Four
Chapter Six-Benjamin H. Hardy, Jr.: A partner in organizing the dreams
Background of a Dreamer, Making the Dream Known, Point Four Dreams, Tragic Death and Legacy of the Dreams
Chapter Seven-James Edwin Webb: A national team player in realizing dreams Background of a Dreamer, Supporting National Dreams, Leading National Dreams
Appendix: Photos Bennett Family Tree Speeches and Articles Resources End Notes

The Author

Paul William Bass is the former director of campus activities and the debate coach for Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. He lives there with his wife Jan. Born in Independence, Missouri, he has served at Ouachita since 1990. Previously, a full-time staff member in churches in Arkansas, Alabama and Missouri, he is currently pastor of the Anchor Baptist Church in Brown Springs, Arkansas Other books he has authored are The World Traveler’s Companion: A Handbook for Group Trip Leaders, In Jesus’ Names, Minor Characters of the Bible, and A History of Debate at Ouachita Baptist University.