Key Information

Trading Faces: Dissociation, A Common Solution to Avoiding Life’s Pain, By Quinn Schipper

2005 [ISBN: 1-58107-142-6; 326 pages; 5 ½ x 8 ½ inch; soft cover] $16.95


TFB1covDo you struggle with “another side of yourself” that shows up at inopportune times, unpredictably, even against your will? Or, perhaps you may live or work with someone who acts one way here, another way there, and a completely different way somewhere else. How does this happen? Why? What flips the switch that causes a person to “trade faces” and “become someone else?”

Trading Faces has answers for you!

Most people are completely unaware of what is really behind the unexplainable behaviors they encounter in themselves or in others on a daily basis. Trading Faces explores the mystery and perplexity of living both in and with dissociation. This book provides persuasive evidence that dissociation is more than just “split personalities.” Learn truths about this phenomenon that separates people both within themselves and from others. Then discover the power of inner healing that restores order and puts things back the way they were intended to be.

The Reviews

“People struggling with almost any issue can find lasting freedom and healing through this Biblically sound and highly effective method of ministry.” – Michael G., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Since being helped to get to root issues, I don’t walk around so wounded and defensive.” – Erin M., Norman, Oklahoma

“The peaceful, accepting atmosphere opened my heart to be healed. God’s healing works!” – Brian L., Boulder, Colorado

“After engaging in traditional therapies for approximately twenty years, at long last I was released from the dark prison of dissociation and fear. The result of this approach has been key to my re-entering the world as a more confident, whole human being.” – N.J., Stillwater, Oklahoma

“I did not feel like I was in a clinical setting. The environment was spiritual and God-focused, allowing me to be truly set free from my struggles.” – Rick R., Edmond, Oklahoma

“I can now detect dissociation in others’ lives, which has given me greater patience and love for them.” – Frances W., Los Angeles, California

“The ministry environment was emotionally safe; the facilitators were accepting and nonjudgmental. This was a huge plus.” – Becky C., Ponca City, Oklahoma

“The sessions are definitely effective. I don’t have things all figured out yet, but they are getting better.” – Connie D., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“The answer to the question, ‘Why is my life a mess?’ is found in this type of healing.” – Larry L., Stillwater, Oklahoma

“The session summary I received was personal and spoke volumes about a recipient’s self-worth. Its accuracy and details said loudly, ‘You do matter. We were listening. God was listening.’” – Dianne M., Ponca City, Oklahoma

The Contents

A Note From the Author
Bradley’s Story
More Common Than You Think
Overview of Dissociation
The Origin of Dissociation
Roots of Relational Separation
Psychiatry and Self-Effort are Not Enough
No Knot at the End of the Rope
Degrees of Dissociation
Mild to Wild – and Places In Between
Functions of Dissociation
Dissociation Protects, Controls, and Presents
What Keeps You Fragmented
Conspiracy of Schemes and Themes
What Keeps You Free
Victory Over Doubt, Despair, Fear, and Failure
Mapping Dissociation
Three “Camps” of Dissociation
Restoring Order Within
Illumination of Truth
Power Over Dissociation
Keys to Unlock Your Personal Prison
Dialoguing with Dissociation
Working Together, Restoring the Soul
Designed for Association
Restoring Relational Order
Part One: Vital Foundation
Part Two: Helpful Information
Part Three: Practical Application
FAQs, Forgiveness Prayer, Curses, Dissociation Assessment
Facilitating a Formal Session, Documenting a Session
A Summary of Trading Faces
Post Script

The Author

Quinn Schipper has devoted years of his life to helping people discover peace that accompanies inner restoration of the soul. People from around the nation have benefited from his unique insights and style of guidance.