Key Information

the language of forgiveness : learn it / live it / love it, By Quinn Schipper

2009 [ISBN: 1-58107-163-9; 56 pages; 5 x 8 inch; soft cover] $6.95


At last! A straightforward, concise book on forgiveness!

TLForwebCovBad things really do happen to people and it is unreasonable to think we can always simply “forgive and forget.” This timely read confronts misconceptions about forgiveness, examines Biblical precedents, and offers sensible guidance on dealing with life’s injustices. The Language of Forgiveness is birthed out of years of experience by the author, who is a practitioner of inner healing. Inside are proven tools for getting to the root of offenses and addressing them in ways that genuinely transform and heal relationships.

The Contents

1. The Landscape of Forgiveness

2. The Lord of Forgiveness

3. The Law of Forgiveness

4. The Lure of Forgiveness

5. The Language of Forgiveness

6. The Lifestyle of Forgiveness

The Author

Quinn Schipper has been in fulltime ministry for over 25 years. He is the author of Trading Faces. Quinn writes out of his own journey, as well as guiding others on their path to healing, wholeness, and peace. His insights on forgiveness are supported by Biblical example and practical application.