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Faculty & Staff Development Resources

5 Key Faculty Development Strategies for Adjunct Instructors: The article, “Expectations, Motivations, and Barriers to Professional Development: Perspectives from Adjunct Instructors Teaching Online,” by Amber Dailey-Hebert, B. Jean Mandernach, Emily Donnelli-Salle, & Virgil Rusty Norris, inspired the post. Read the full article: JFD28-1_Dailey_Herbert

6 Reasons to Use Student-Directed Teaching Strategies download: This article, “Using a Student-Directed Teaching Philosophy Statement to Assess and Improve One’s Teaching,” by Tom Brinthaupt, was the basis for the blog posting. Read the full article: JFD283_Brinthaupt.

Scholarly Writing & Research Resources

Writers’ Blocking Questionnaire download: Robert Boice’s time-tested blocking questionnaire has helped thousands of scholars address what keeps them from being more productive in their writing. Read the BlockingQustionnaire

LinkedIn for the Scholar

Ronald A. Berk wrote this three-part series as a guide to help scholars enhance their professional standing through social media.

  • Part 1. Top 10 Reasons You Should NOT Join LinkedIn Professional Network! / Read Part_1
  • Part 2. Creating an Eye-Popping Profile to Be Found and Network with LinkedIn Optimization / Read Part_2
  • Part 2. Top 20 Sources for Connections and How to Add Recommendations / Read Part_3


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