How to Become a Featured Author

Freelance-writingNew Forums Press takes authorship seriously. Our featured authors hold a prestigious position at New Forums Press and in the Higher Education community. They share ideas, innovations, research and authentic thought leadership.

Featured Author Benefits

We have high respect and appreciation for our authors which is why we wanted to provide special benefits to those who consistently submit blog posts.

  • Your picture and bio on the New Forums Press website;
  • Access to special author resources (webinars on scholarly publishing, branding, social media marketing and authorship);
  • Access to credible community of scholarly thought leaders.

Featured Author Eligibility Requirements

Authors must meet the following criteria to be considered a featured author.

  1. Graduate student or faculty member of a credited higher ed institution.
  2. Minimum submission of six blog posts within a three month period.

Submission Process

1. Please read How to Write a Blog Post (Official Guidelines).
3. Submit your blog post!

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