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New Forums Press, Inc., publishes and distributes information relevant to faculty, program and organization development issues in higher education. We also accept regional histories in the form of books, journals and newsletters. Our personalized publishing services are a preferred choice among a variety of scholarly organizations.

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New Forums Press seeks to be a leading, flexibly operating publishing house in the domains of faculty development, human health, and the rich culture of Oklahoma and surrounding states. Having survived the test of time, a healthy and lasting growth of the company is sought. This growth will be achieved by expanding market share in both proven and new and exciting venues led by innovative and energetic authors and editors. By meeting the information requirements of specialized academic target groups and markets, New Forums Press wishes to create value for all the stakeholders who are important to the realization of its strategy.


New Forums Press was founded 1981 by Doug Dollar with the acquisition of a single academic journal. After forays into a range of subjects, to include launchings of various scholarly journals and book series,  a complete marketing overhall of the enterprise has been undertaken, seeking to focus on the proven niches of the previous years as well as new promising and inspiring publishing venues. The result has been a somewhat eclectic collection of works by energetic and inspiring authors and editors.

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