Scaling the Scholarship Mountain

Key Information

Scaling the Scholarship Mountain: Achieving Scholarly Productivity, By Charlie Sweet, Hal Blythe, Russell Carpenter & Bill Phillips

2017; ISBN: 1-58107-303-8 (102 pages soft cover; 8.5 x 11 inch) $28.95

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This book is intended to aid you in the climb from your formal education experience to the real world of the scholar. Through a combined total of over 150 years of experience in scholarly productivity, the authors have discovered some key steps toward becoming a scholar. In the pages that follow, they will share these steps through explanations, examples, and exercises.

Since the authors have also edited several publications in the past, and one currently serves as editor of the prestigious Journal of Faculty Development, we had decided to include a special section in this book to further aid you in scaling the scholarship mountain. “From the Editor’s Desk” Post ‘Ems are timely observations made in reference to important concepts introduced in the text. Each comment is designed to call attention to a specific point, establishing its place in the successful ascent to scholarly productivity.


Preface / v

Preparing for the Climb / 1
Introduction / 3
Why Produce Scholarship, Why Right Now? / 7
Defining a Scholarly Frame of Mind / 11
Taking Inventory / 17
Analyzing the Market / 21
Becoming a Disciplined Scholar Using SOARS Guidelines / 27
Utilizing Boyer’s Understanding of Scholarly Mountains / 35
The Importance of SoTL / 41

Beginning the Ascent / 49
Generating Ideas / 51
Following the Trail of the Typical Article / 59

Into Thin Air / 65
Collaboration with Colleagues and Students / 67
Charting Your Way with Multiple Projects / 75
Overcoming Other Obstacles / 81
A Checklist for Starting Your Scholarly Project / 91

The Authors

Charlie Sweet, Ph.D. (Florida State University, 1970), is the Co-Director of the Teaching & Learning Center at Eastern Kentucky University. With Hal, he has collaborated on over 1,200 published works, including 25 books, literary criticism, educational research, and novels (as Quinn MacHollister).

Hal Blythe, Ph.D. (Louisville, 1972), is the Co-Director of the Teaching & Learning Center. With Charlie, he has collaborated on over 1,200 published works, including 25 books (eight in New Forums’ popular It Works For Me series), literary criticism, educational research, and a stint as ghostwriter of the lead novella for the Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine.

Russell Carpenter, Ph.D. (University of Central Florida, 2009), is Execu­tive Director of the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity and Program Di­rector of Applied Creative Thinking at Eastern Kentucky University where he is also Associate Professor of English. Dr. Carpenter has published on the topic of creative thinking, among other areas, including three texts by New Forums Press: Introduction to Applied Creative Thinking (with Charlie Sweet and Hal Blythe, 2012), Teaching Applied Creative Thinking (with Charlie Sweet, Hal Blythe, and Shawn Apostel, 2013), and It Works for Me, Flipping the Classroom: Shared Tips for Effective Teaching, (with Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet, 2015). He has guest edited or co-edited special issues of the Journal of Faculty Development on social media and the future of faculty development, and now serves as the journal’s editor. In addi­tion, he has taught courses in creative thinking in EKU’s Minor in Applied Creative Thinking, which was featured in the New York Times in February 2014, and rhetoric and composition in the Department of English.

Bill Phillips, Ed.D., (University of Southern Mississippi, 1988), is former Dean of the College of Education at Eastern Kentucky University and a col­laborator on Achieving Excellence in Teaching, 2014.


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