The Campus of OAMC

Key Information

The Campus of OAMC: A Pictorial History of Buildings and Facilities 1891-1957, By David C. Peters

2007 [ISBN: 1-58107-136-1; 176 pages; 8 ½ x 11 inch; paperback] $36.95


OAMC_covBefore there was an Oklahoma State University (OSU), there was a place known as OAMC. Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College was the name given to the land-grant college in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in 1891. OAMC began with prairie lawns, dirt roads, well water, and eventually one permanent building. Sixty-seven years of change later, the thriving campus completely surrounded that first building and still continues to bring opportunities to students today. This is a pictorial history of the first seven decades. Over the years, the campus faced the opportunities and challenges of the territorial period, statehood, economic depression, and wars. Through vision, planning, and hard work, a college and a community was built on the prairie. This first edition is individually numbered and autographed by the author.

The Contents

  • 200 Acres and a Plow 1891-1899
  • Prairie Gothic 1899-1907
  • Statehood 1907-1915
  • New Frontiers 1915-1923
  • Agriculture and Auxiliaries 1923-1928
  • Lean years and a Plan 1928-1944
  • Stretching the Limits 1944-1957

The Author

David C. Peters is employed in the Special Collections and University Archives Department of the Edmon Low Library at Oklahoma State University. His research for this book began almost two decades before its publication with his involvement in the OSU Centennial Histories Series.


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