The Year of the Turnip: A Middle Grade Novel

Key Information

The Year of the Turnip: A Middle Grade Novel, By Glenda Carlile

2014 [ISBN: 1-58107-257-0; 150 pages; 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch; soft cover] $14.95


YOT1coverTwelve-year-old Caleb’s parents are pulling up roots and moving the family to a wild and unknown land. There, they will line up, with thousands of other people, to run in the West’s most amazing race. Caleb is won over when Pa promises he can drive the team of horses that pull their covered wagon. In spite of hardships along the trail, President Harrison — and a convincing stranger who was called “a boomer” — have promised Oklahoma Territory will be “a land of milk and honey.”

But Caleb has no idea what’s in store — dawn-to-dust labor, long dark nights, and crops that won’t grow. Their home is dug out in the side of a hill. Caleb can’t do anything to please his pa. Adding to his problems are blizzards, sickness, and a nagging four-year-old sister who will not mind. Worst of all, Caleb is plagued by terrifying dreams of encountering an Indian. To top things off, Caleb — who hates turnips — is in for a nasty surprise!

The Author

The wife of an osteopathic physician and mother of three daughters, Glenda Carlile is also known for her community and professional service including serving as the 1989-90 National President of the Auxiliary to The American Osteopathic Association. Her numerous awards include the Auxiliary to The Oklahoma Osteopathic Association’s 1988 Woman of the Year, the 1990 Distinguished Service Award from the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and a joint resolution of commendation from the Oklahoma House of Representative and the Oklahoma Senate in 1989.


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