Meet Me at the Commons

Key Information

Meet Me at the Commons: A Field Guide to the Common Core Standards in Higher Education, Edited by Dorie Combs & Ginni Fair

2015 [ISBN: 1-58107-278-3; 192 pages soft cover; 6 by 9 inches] $26.95


MMC1webCov2Here is a book that will describe the connection of the Common Core Standards to higher education teaching and learning and offer a process through which higher education faculty can use these standards (or their own state standards) to improve instruction and learning at their institution. We expect the readers will be members of Faculty Learning Communities and study groups, academic administrators and department chairs, or even individual college-level faculty who want to ensure their programs are standards based and value collaboration with the P-12 schools.

The Contents

  1. Academic Freedom at the Crossroads, by Dorie Combs
  2. Whose standards are these? A Chronological Glossary of standards in P-12 Education, by Richard Day
  3. The Power of Collaboration: Faculty Learning Communities as a Vehicle for Professional Development, by Faye Deters & Krista Althauser
  4. Finding Common Ground in the Core: Getting to know the standards, by Ginni Fair
  5. Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), general education and teacher preparation, by Rico Tyler, Kerrie McDaniel, Martha M. Day, and Sam Evans
  6. It’s Going to Get Messy: A Step by side-stepping process to align course Student Learning Outcomes, instructional strategies, and assessment practices with common standards, by Ginni Fair
  7. So That’s the Problem: Why literacy standards matter in general education, by Gill Hunter
  8. Teacher Education – Standards at a whole new level, by Karen Kidwell and Saundra Hamon
  9. Assessment and the Common Core, by Shannon Gilkey and Cody Davidson
  10. Creativity to the Core! How the CCSS can promote critical and creative thinking, by Dorie Combs
  11. What’s next? The Promise for our Children’s Future, by Terry Holliday

The Editors

Ginni C. Fair, Ed.D. (University of Kentucky), is an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Eastern Kentucky University, where she teaches courses in literacy development and instruction. She has presented regionally and nationally, for K-12 and higher education audiences, on the impact of professional learning communities on faculty development, curriculum alignment, and student success. Ginni also served in a Kentucky Leadership Network, which assisted Kentucky’s K-12 teachers with the implementation of Common Core standards.

Dorie Combs, Ph.D. (University of Kentucky), is a professor and chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Eastern Kentucky University, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in curriculum and literacy. She served on the Kentucky Board of Education for 8 years and participated in several national study groups related to school improvements, education policy, and college/career readiness. In addition to her scholarship in literacy and middle school curriculum, Dorie has made several presentations and collaborated on publications related to implementation of the Common Core Standards.


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