From Athens to America: Readings in Western Philosophy

Key Information

From Athens to America: Readings in Western Philosophy, By Paul Dykes & John C. Powell

2002, [ISBN: 1-58107-058-6; 250 5.5-by-8.5-inch pages, soft cover] $18.95


FATAwebcovThese readings from the literature of western philosophy have been collected to serve a practical home and classroom purposes: to make available to readers a sampling of the ideas of some of history’s great thinkers on the subject of human values. The selection is eclectic but not random. The excerpts included have been used in philosophy classes and have been the basis for thoughtful and spirited discussions. The intent of the anthologists is not to instill values but to encourage readers to test their own assumptions and opinions against a variety of ideas and to emerge from the encounter better prepared to shape the values by which they will live their own lives. This book contains selected passages from significant works by some of the most influential thinkers in western civilization.

The Contents


PLATO From The Apology of Socrates From The Republic (Book One) From The Republic (Book Two) From The Republic (Book Four) From The Republic (Book Seven)

ARISTOTLE From The Nichomachean Ethics (Book One) From The Nichomachean Ethics (Book Two)

EPICURUS From his Letter to Menoecius

EPICTETUS From The Enchiridion

MARCUS AURELIUS From Meditations

AUGUSTINE From The Confessions

FRANCIS BACON From Novum Organum

THOMAS HOBBES From Leviathan

RENE DESCARTES From Discourse on Method

BENEDICT SPINOZA From On the Improvement of the Understanding

JOHN LOCKE From Essay Concerning Human Understanding

JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAU From The Social Contract

DAVID HUME From Essays, Moral and Political

IMMANUEL KANT From The Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals

G.W.F. HEGEL From The Philosophy of Religion

ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER From On the Basis of Morality

SOREN KIERKEGAARD From The Attack on Christendom

JOHN STUART MILL From Utilitarianism

FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE From Beyond Good and Evil

WILLIAM JAMES From The Will to Believe


The Authors

Paul Dykes, B.A., M.A., studied at the University of Tulsa and at Stanford University. He began teaching in Tulsa in 1959 and currently teaches philosophy at Booker T. Washington High School, a magnet school in Tulsa.

Dr. John C. Powell earned degrees at Oklahoma City University and Oklahoma State University. He is Dean of Faculty at Heritage Hall in Oklahoma City, where he teaches history, art history, and philosophy.


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