Defining the Field

Key Information

Defining the Field, Edited by Laura L. B. Border & Laurie Bellows

2008 [ISBN: 1-58107-144-2; 194 pages; 6 x 9 inch; soft cover] $22.95


SGPSD11Studies in Graduate and Professional Student Development, Number 11. This edited book series serves as a guide to the study of improved training, employment and administration of graduate and professional student development programs. A new publication that addresses a critical need in higher education. The series is designed to highlight all aspects of professional development of graduate and professional students.

The Contents

Section I–Overview: Defining the Field  / 1

Chapter 1–Graduate Student Professional Development: Defining the Field, by Laurie Bellows

Section II–Research on College/University Courses & Certification Programs /  21

Chapter 2–An Exploration of the Landscape of Graduate Courses on College and University Teaching in Canada and the USA, by Dieter J. Schönwetter, Donna Ellis, K. Lynn Taylor, & Valery Koop

Chapter 3–Profiling an Approach to Evaluating the Impact of Two Certification in University Teaching Programs for Graduate Students, by K. Lynn Taylor, Dieter J. Schönwetter , Donna E. Ellis, & Martha Roberts

Section III–Improving Graduate Assistants’ Skills & Knowledge  / 77

Chapter 4–Thinking Beyond the Department: Professional Development for Graduate Students of Color, by Cathy Schlund-Vials, Karen Cardozo, Mathew L. Ouellett, & Kirin Makker

Chapter 5–Beyond Language Skills: International Teaching Assistants’ Experiences in US-Based ESL Programs, by Seonhee Cho

Chapter 6–International Teaching Assistants and Student Retention in the Sciences, by Mary C. Wright, Joel Purkiss, Christopher O’Neal, & Constance E. Cook

Chapter 7–Integrating Teaching & Technology: Facilitating Student-Centered Teaching for Graduate Students at a Research University, by Neeraja Aravamudan, Susanna Calkins, Mary Schuller, & Dreana Rubel

Chapter 8–Examining Kinesiology GTAs’ Perceptions of a Videotape Instructional Analysis and Consultation Process, by Jared A. Russell

Section IV–Bridging the Transition to Beginning Faculty Positions  /  153

Chapter 9–The Background Experiences of Early-Career Science Faculty in Research, Teaching, and Service, by Kenneth S. Sagendorf

The Primary Editor

Dr. Laura L. B. Border is Director of the Graduate Teacher Program at the University of Colorado – Boulder.


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