Mapping the Range of Graduate Student Professional Development

Key Information

Mapping the Range of Graduate Student Professional Development, Edited by Laura L. B. Border

2011 [ISBN: 1-58107-234-1; 192 pages; 6 x 9 inch; soft cover] $22.95


MRGSDcovStudies in Graduate and Professional Student Development, Number 14. This edited book series serves as a guide to the study of improved training, employment and administration of graduate and professional student development programs. A new publication that addresses a critical need in higher education, the series is designed to highlight all aspects of professional development of graduate and professional students.

The Contents

Introduction – by Alan Kalish and Spencer Robinson

Section 1: Taxonomy of TA Training Programs

Chapter 1 – Graduate Student Professional Development: A Decade after Calls for National Reform, by Michael S. Palmer

Section 2: Orientations

Chapter 2 – An Introductory Classification of Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientations, by S. Spencer Robinson

Section 3: Mentor and Lead TA Programs

Chapter 3 – Assessing Graduate Consultant Programs: Directors’ Perceptions of Rationales, Content, Activities, and Benefits, by Devon Thacker Thomas & Laura L. B. Border

Chapter 4 – Teaching Mentorship Programs for Graduate Student Development, by Laura N. Schram & Mary C. Wright

Section 4: Teaching Courses

Chapter 5 – Graduate and Professional Student Development: The Role of the Pedagogy Course, by Elizabeth O’Connor Chandler

Chapter 6 – Rethinking Courses in College Pedagogy for the Sciences: An Analysis and Subsequent Model, by Vivek Kaila & Laura L. B. Border

Section 5: Teaching Certificates

Chapter 7 – Graduate Student Teaching Certificates: Survey of Current Programs, by Linda von Hoene

Chapter 8 – Leveraging Existing PFF Resources to Create a Certificate of University Teaching, by Amy Criniti Phillips, Steven Hansen, & Laurel Willingham-McLain

Section 6: Other Programming

Chapter 9 – A Comparative Study of GTA Development in Japan and the US, by Naoshi Kira

Section 7: Conclusion

Chapter 10 – Steps Toward a Framework for an Intended Curriculum for Graduate and Professional Students: How We Talk about What We Do, by Alan Kalish, S. Spencer Robinson, Laura Border, Elizabeth Chandler, Mark Connolly, Lynn Jones Eaton, Joanna Gilmore, Lauren Griffith, Steve Hanson, Tershia Pinder-Grover, and Linda von Hoene

The Primary Editor

Dr. Laura L. B. Border is Director of the Graduate Teacher Program at the University of Colorado – Boulder.


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