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Academic Writing: Individual and Collaborative Strategies for Success, Edited by Ed Neal

2013 [ISBN: 1-58107-244-9; 210 pages; 6 x 9 ½ inch; soft cover] Price $25.95


AWB1covThis book offers a variety of effective strategies for improving your scholarly productivity or helping other faculty members develop theirs.  The editor has selected fourteen of the very best articles on academic writing from the Journal of Faculty Development and the Journal of Graduate Teaching Assistant Development.  These articles have all been peer-reviewed and the ideas they contain have been tested by faculty members at colleges and universities across the United States.

The Contents

Introduction and Overview

Part I:  Individual Strategies
Chapter 1:  Developing Prolific Scholars:  The “Fast Article Writing” Methodology, By Elena Mikhailova & Linda B. Nilson
Chapter 2:  Top 10 “Secret Writing Tips” to Boost Your Productivity: Part 1, By Ron Berk
Chapter 3:  Top 10 “Secret Writing Tips” to Boost Your Productivity: Part 2, By Ron Berk
Chapter 4:  The Power and Strategic Art of Revise-and-Resubmit:  Maintaining Balance in Academic Publishing,By Patricia L. Hardré

Part II:  Collaborative Strategies
Chapter 5:  Academic Writing Partnerships:  The DIY Version, By Sharon Cramer & Jan Stivers
Chapter 6:  Write On!  A Model for Enhancing Faculty Publication, By Michele Eodice & Sharon Cramer
Chapter 7:  Mentoring Education Faculty Toward Tenure and Promotion:  The Work of the Research and Writers’ Group, By Susan R. Polirstok & Annette D. Digby
Chapter 8:  Increasing Academic Output and Supporting Equality of Career Opportunity in
Universities: Can Writers’ Retreats Play a Role?, By Sarah Moore, Maura Murphy, & Rowena Murray
Chapter 9:  Academic Writing Retreat: A Time for Rejuvenated and Focused Writing, By Elizabeth Swaggerty, Terry Atkinson, Johna Faulconer, & Robin Griffith
Chapter 10:  Growing a Faculty Writing Group on a Traditionally Teaching-Focused Campus: A Model for Faculty Development, By Cheri Hampton-Farmer, Erin Laverick, Christine Denecker, Christine Tulley, Nicole Diederich, & Anthony Wilgus
Chapter 11:  Academic Writing:  Supporting Faculty in a Critical Competency for Success, By Dankoski, Palmer, Banks, Brutkiewicz, Walvoord, Hoffmann-Longtin, Bogdewic & Gopen

Part III:  Training Graduate Students as Writers
Chapter 12:  Getting Organized: A Pragmatic Tool for Writing Graduate Papers, By Patricia M. Shields
Chapter 13:  Using Reciprocal Peer Review to Help Graduate Students Develop Scholarly Writing Skills, By Betsy Palmer & Claire Howell Major
Chapter 14:  Innovations for Navigating the Doctoral Dissertation, By Michele Di Pierro

The Editor

Edward Neal, Ph.D., is retired as director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. He now is active as a professional development consultant.

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