Random Thoughts III: Teaching With Love

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Random Thoughts III: Teaching With Love, By Louis Schmier

2005 [ISBN: 1-58107-110-8; 284 pages; 6 x 9 inch; soft cover] $29.95


RT3coverIn Random Thoughts III: Teaching With Love, accompany Louis Schmier as he continues his never-ending and often bumpy pilgrimage to tap his own soul, to become “more concerned with reaching for students than reaching the height of professional reputation,” and to find ways to be that person who is there to help each student help himself to become the person he is capable of becoming.

In this third collection of Louis’ inspiring “random thoughts,” Louis asks us and himself to continue to focus sharply on that too often ignored human dimension of teaching. He tells us how he came to understand that teaching with unconditional love brings meaning and purpose to teaching that information, methodology, and technology cannot, and how teaching with love is the cause of more miracles than information, methodology and technology. Louis writes about an understanding burned into his spirit and “a demand that took away from me the option of being resigned, that eliminated the choice of becoming a cynic, that forbade me from ever feeling a hopelessness, that prohibited I lose faith and belief, that did not allow me to become burnt out.”

In an environment where the needs of students can often get lost in bureaucratic clutter and research deadlines, Louis provides stories and insights that remind us as teachers that teaching requires connecting with students. And the best way to make a connection with anyone is to reach out with love. “Make it a good day!”


Louis Schmier’s Random Thoughts III: Teaching with Love makes the ‘good-to-great day’ connection for all of us who are ready to read, listen, and reflect on our lives as students and as teachers. When Louis Schmier writes, I take the time to listen. His vision of a core curriculum of learning and life versus grades and syllibi is a treasure to all.
Don Fraser

Louis’ passion, wisdom, love, and unrelenting commitment to his students’ growth and potential is captured beautifully in his Random Thoughts. I hope that others will be inspired by his magic so that more lecture halls and classrooms will be transformed by equally passionate souls.
Brian Johnson

Teaching is probably about the most sacred work there is. And Louis Schmier is one of the most sacred voices about teaching as a way of loving others.
Judi Neal, Ph.D.

The Author

Louis Schmier is a Professor of History at Valdosta State University in Georgia, where he has taught since 1971. He is an inspirational teacher and philosopher. His “Random Thoughts” have been appearing on the Internet in educational listserves since April of 1993. Although he teaches at a university, his comments apply to all levels of education.


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