No Little Dreams: Henry Garland Bennett, Educator and Statesman

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No Little Dreams: Henry Garland Bennett, Educator and Statesman, By Paul William Bass

2007 [ISBN: 1-58107-143-6; 164 pages; 5 ½ x 8 ½ inch; soft cover] $16.95


NLDwebCovBaghdad, Teheran, Beirut, cities all too familiar in the news today. More than fifty years ago, these places were visited by Henry Garland Bennett, the assistant secretary of state directing the Point Four program. He was appointed by President Truman because of his excellent reputation as an educator and administrator. His purpose was to bring modern technology to war torn, underdeveloped countries following the destruction of World War II.

Bringing a wealth of experience Bennett had served as president of Southeastern Normal School in Durant, Oklahoma, for nine years and as president of Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College in Stillwater, Oklahoma, for twenty-three years. As college president, he led both schools in dramatic growth and expansion during difficult times of national economic depression and a world war.

Bennett brought a background of Arkansan family values and Christian compassion that established his stability, motivation and dreams. No Little Dreams offers a look at the life, its shaping influences and the accomplishments of this great man.

The Contents



Chapter One: Family Background and Early Childhood
Section 1: Family Background; Section 2: Homestead Act; Section 3: Birth and Early Childhood

Chapter Two: Education and Profession
Section 1: Ouachita Baptist College; Section 2: Early Oklahoma Teaching Experience; Section 3: Educational Relationships; Section 4: Marriage and Family

Chapter Three: Southeastern Normal School
Section 1: Early Beginnings; Section 2: Community Relations; Section 3: College Growth; Section 4: Family Activities; Section 5: Professional Growth; Section 6: Transition

Chapter Four: Oklahoma A & M College
Section 1: Early Responses; Section 2: Community Relations; Section 3: College Growth; Section 4: Family Development; Section 5: Impact of World War II

Chapter Five: International Involvements
Section 1: Quebec International Food ; and Agricultural Organization; Section 2: German “Trizonia”; Section 3: Ethiopia

Chapter Six: Point Four Program

Chapter Seven: Point Four Leadership
Section 1: Diplomatic Activities; Section 2: Point Four Accomplishments; Section 3: Tragic End; Section 4: Final Services

Chapter Eight: Memories and Legacies
Section 1: Response of National and International Leaders; Section 2: Response of Colleagues and Friends; Section 4: A Lasting Legacy



Appendix: Family Trees; Photos; Bennett Speeches; Books; The Travel Diary of Mrs. Henry Bennett


The Author

Paul William Bass is the former director of campus activities and the debate coach for Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. He lives there with his wife Jan. Born in Independence, Missouri, he has served at Ouachita since 1990. Previously, a full-time staff member in churches in Arkansas, Alabama and Missouri, he is the pastor of the Anchor Baptist Church in Brown Springs, Arkansas Other books he has authored are The World Traveler’s Companion: A Handbook for Group Trip Leaders, In Jesus’ Names, Minor Characters of the Bible, and A History of Debate at Ouachita Baptist University.


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