Professors as Writers

Key Information

Professors as Writers: A Self-Help Guide to Productive Writing, By Robert Boice

1990 [ISBN: 0-913507-13-X; 190 pages soft cover; 5.5-by-8.5-inch] Price $24.95


PAWwebCovHere is a proven book to help scholars master writing as a productive, enjoyable, and successful experience — Author, Robert   Boice, prepared this self-help manual for professors who want to write more   productively, painlessly, and successfully. It reflects the author’s two   decades of experiences and research with professors as writers — by   compressing a lot of experience into a brief, programmatic framework. Like the actual sessions and workshops in which the author works with writers, this book admonishes and reassures. In the innovative book lies the path for sustained, highly productive scholarly writing!

The Contents

Section A. The Nature of Writing Problems
Chapter 1. Why Professors Don’t Write
Chapter 2. The Phenomenology of Writing Problems
Chapter 3. Assessment of Writing Problems

Section B: Strategies for the Short Run
Chapter 4. Spontaneous Writing
Chapter 5. Generative Writing

Section C: A Regimen for Productive and Painless Writing: Strategies for the Long Run
Chapter 6. Ensuring Regular Productivity
Chapter 7. The Four-Step Plan

Section D: Beyond Solutions, to Growth
Chapter 8. Dealing with Relapses

Section E: Appendices
Part 1. The Blocking Questionnaire: An Instrument for Assessing Writing Problems
Part 2. An Annotated Bibliography on Blocking and Other Hindrances to Writing

About the Author

Robert Boice received his B.A. degree in the honors program at Michigan State University magna cum laude, and later received the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from MSU in psychology. He devoted much of his distinguished career to the study and application of techniques for helping faculty to become more productive writers. He served as a Professor of Psychology at SUNY at Stony Brook, NY, and conducted scores of workshops on his and other campuses pioneered numerous techniques to include highly successful post-workshop visitations to help faculty stay on track with their writing programs.


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