It Works for Me: Becoming a Publishing Scholar/Researcher

Key Information

It Works for Me: Becoming a Publishing Scholar/Researcher, By Hal Blythe & Charlie Sweet

2010 [ISBN: 1-58107-200-7; 134 pages; 7 ½ x 9 ¾ inch; soft cover] $16.95


WFMPcovThe authors’ purpose in this book is to provide “a collection of practical tips drawn from real-life experiences.” We believe this particular book is so important to share with today’s audience, we almost called it Take My Book, Please!

On the other hand, does the scholarly world need another book on the importance of scholarship? Further, if the book standard for tenure is slowly disappearing because so many academic presses are closing, why would we bother to write one? And recent studies show that new faculty members consider university employment a 9:00-5:00 job, so doesn’t that leave out time for job-related reading? Finally, with the instant gratification of the internet, aren’t books dead in our culture or at least well on their way to extinction?

Why, then, in the name of all that’s sane, did we put this collection together?

a. Our publisher wanted a follow-up to our It Works for Me as a Scholar-Teacher as he believed we had a lot more to say on the subject.

b. With over 800 publications, we thought we had something insightful to say.

c. Most books on the importance of scholarship are either textbook in nature or extremely theoretical, while this book is neither.

d. With our successful It Works for Me series we’ve found a niche in the marketplace.

e. Being a large collaboration, this book provides many voices who all believe that reiterating the importance of scholarship is important.

f. With a series of short, practical tips on scholarship, this book is very easy to read and, hence, might be read.

Actually, all of the above are true. We feel certain you will benefit from the collective work found between these covers. To find information on the full “It Works for Me” series, go to


I’m glad you discovered this book. It’s a rare opportunity, a pathway you can use to visit the private worlds of writers. It Works for Me: Becoming a Publishing Scholar/Researcher and TAA are two tools that you will want to keep at your fingertips. They will enrich your scholarship. Good writing! — Kenneth T. (Ken) Henson, The Citadel

The Authors

Hal Blythe, Ph.D., is a Foundation Professor of English at the Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY. He has authored three non-fiction books dealing with writing and over 100 critical scholarly articles. He has ghost-written over 30 Mike Shayne novellas and over 100 short stories in popular magazines to include Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and Woman’s World. He also has produced seven television scripts for EKU-TV’s Keys to Communication Series, and over 25 articles in Writer’s Digest dealing with pedagogy.

Charlie Sweet, Ph.D., is a Foundation Professor of English at Eastern Kentucky University. He formerly taught at Florida State University


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