Rodeo Stories II

Key Information

Rodeo Stories II, By Chimp Robertson

2015 [ISBN: 1-58107-283-X; 300 6 x 9 inch pages; soft cover] $19.95


The start of this book corresponded with the increasing interest in rodeo as a media attraction.  People were ready to hear from cowboys and cowgirls twenty to forty years after they’d competed in arenas around the country and RODEO STORIES II capitalizes on that popularity.

Their effort is clearly seen because of the authority from which they stake their claim to tell their unique stories.  They were there.

There were young sunburned faces against old wooden chutes.  There was laughter out back of the arena when the competition was over.  There was excitement, fun, and humor, and there was blood, sweat, and pain.  RODEO STORIES II provides a voice from the hearts of cowboys and cowgirls who competed in those arenas.  These are their stories in their own words.

This is not meant to be a finely tuned effort or intellectual manual.  These cowboys and cowgirls tell their stories in starts and stops, spurts and hitches.  Memories long stored away are bought to life and written down to be heard, many times for the very first time.


The Author

Robertson has been a rodeo contestant, rancher, private pilot, auctioneer, song writer (songs recorded by Chris LeDoux), Texas and Oklahoma Real Estate Salesman/Broker, skydiver, and U.S. Army Veteran.

Chimp has had articles, poems, and stories published in various publications including the Western Horseman, Horse Lover’s, Hoofs and Horns, Cattleman, Yamaha World, Farm Journal, Paint Horse, and Horseman magazines.

His other books include:

  • KILLIN’ TIME (A Collection of Short Stories)
  • POW/MIA: America’s Missing Men (The Men We Left Behind in Vietnam)
  • MORTAL SECRETS (A Mystery Novel)
  • I’LL BE SEEING YOU (A Battle with Cancer)
  • RODEO STORIES I & II (Collections of True Cowboy Tales)

Raised in Dalhart, Texas he is retired and currently living in Hooker, Oklahoma where he is pumping wells, driving combines, working at a feedlot and team roping.

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