Context and Content in the Preparation of Future Faculty

Key Information

Context and Content in the Preparation of Future Faculty, Edited by Laura L. B. Border

2010 [ISBN: 1-58107-207-4; 182 pages; 6 x 9 inch; soft cover] $22.95


SGPSD13Studies in Graduate and Professional Student Development, Number 13. This edited book series serves as a guide to the study of improved training, employment and administration of graduate and professional student development programs. A new publication that addresses a critical need in higher education. The series is designed to highlight all aspects of professional development of graduate and professional students.

The Contents

Section 1— How Graduate Students View the Graduate School Experience / 1

Chapter 1—Doctoral Students Make Meaning of Their Experience: A Constructivist Inquiry, by Katherine Vahey, Patricia Witkowsky, Jessica Rehling, & Sarun Saifah

Chapter 2—Instructional Concerns of Kinesiology Basic Instruction Program Graduate Teaching Assistants, by Jared A. Russell

Section 2—Educating Graduate Students for Their Roles as College Instructors / 43

Chapter 3—A Prep Course for Graduate Teaching Assistants: Building a Community, by Gili Marbach-Ad, Patricia A. Shields, Bretton W. Kent, Bill Higgins, & Katerina V. Thompson

Chapter 4—A Pedagogy Course’s Influence on Graduate Students’ Self-Awareness as Teacher-Scholars, by Lauren Miller Griffith, Valerie Dean O’Loughlin, Katherine D. Kearns, Mark Braun, & Isaac Heacock

Section 3—The Challenges Involved in the Education of Future Faculty / 83

Chapter 5—Student Engagement Challenges in Teaching about Controversial Issues, by Jacki Fitzpatrick, Jeremy Boden, & Erin Kostina-Ritchey

Chapter 6—Students’ Perceptions of Lesson Objectives in Introductory Mathematics Courses Taught by Teaching Assistants, by Jeff Meyer, Matt Elsey, & Vilma Mesa

Chapter 7— The Effectiveness of Online Case-based Instruction on International Teaching Assistants’ Presentation and Active Listening Strategies, by Shenghua Zha & Gail Fitzgerald

Section 4—Models in Context: Educating Graduate Students for Future Roles as Academics / 135

Chapter 8—An Interdisciplinary Approach to Graduate TA Training: A Reflection of Best Practice, by Barbi T. Honeycutt, Miriam Ferzli, Tamah Morant, & Sarah Egan Warren

Chapter 9—One Process, Two Contexts: Collaborating to Design Professional Development for Graduate Student Educators, by Michele M. Welkener

The Primary Editor

Dr. Laura L. B. Border is Director of the Graduate Teacher Program at the University of Colorado – Boulder.


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