U.S. Army Cadet Command: The 10 Year History

Key Information

U.S. Army Cadet Command: The 10 Year History, By Arthur T. Coumbe, Lee S. Harford, & Paul N. Kotakis

2011 [ISBN: 1-58107-198-1; 372 pages; 6 x 9 inches; soft cover] $26.95


ACC1webCovThis title presents a detailed history of the first ten years of the U.S. Army’s Cadet Command, from its inception in 1986. The book also presents a history of the Army’s pre-commissioning training throughout history.

The Authors

Arthur T. Coumbe, Ph.D., was Army Cadet Command historian at the time of the publication of this title. Lee S. Harford and Paul N. Kotakis are were also employed at the Cadet Command.



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