Building the Academy

Works related to the ongoing processes devoted to developing faculty, students, programs and organizations within the academy are presented within the following groupings of our titles. Authors are encouraged to review the submissions guidelines under the “Authors” tab for information about publishing your work on these topics.

FDthemeFaculty & Staff Development / New Forums Press has sought to offer worthwhile titles regarding “Faculty & Staff Development” in post-secondary educational institutions for over 30 years. We publish a wide variety of works, ranging from research studies (using qualitative or quantitative methodologies) to essays on theory and philosophy. Our readership includes faculty members, administrators, and faculty development professionals at all levels of higher education, therefore we encourage contributors to focus on the implications of their investigations for scholars and practitioners in the field. We seek manuscripts related to issues in professional development, higher education pedagogy, curriculum, leadership, program design and implementation, and evaluation and assessment, for this key forum. View the titles.

GSDthemeGrad Student Development / New Forums Press has continued to publish works devoted to those aspects of the teaching assistantship which prepare graduate students for the multiple roles they play as assistants as well as for the multiple roles they will play as professionals upon leaving graduate school. The full range of issues involved in the administration of teaching assistant programs, as well as professional student development are addressed in this series. View the titles.

ProgDevThemeProgram Development / The variety of programs on any given campus, and the curriculum they generate, comprise the heart of a student’s college experience. The curriculum is a college’s or university’s primary means of changing students in directions valued by the faculty. Curricula should be reviewed and, if necessary, revised on a regular basis, better to serve the changing needs of both students and society broadly. Today, however, institutions are urged to reassess especially carefully the quality of their curricula. Manuscripts exploring the various aspects of program development are sought by the publisher for addition to this series. View the titles.

OrgDevOrganization Development / The series is designed to offer titles that emphasize the synergistic nature of human resources, organizational development, and training operations within organizations. OD is an ongoing, systematic process of implementing effective organizational change. It is known as both a field of science focused on understanding and managing organizational change and as a field of scientific study and inquiry. Authors are invited to submit both article- and book-length manuscripts related to OD. It is interdisciplinary in nature. Viet the titles.

WritingCategoryScholarly Writing & Research / There are many books available that will guide the academic to substantive academic writing. Others focus on the research process. However, approximately 85% of publications are written by 15% of the academic population. Many academics experience the writing process as very difficult and painful, and give up writing rather than trying to surmount the obstacles. Academic writing is a complicated task that involves cognitive process (mind interaction) and social activity (interpersonal interaction). Through the “Scholarly Writing & Research” key forum, New Forums Press seeks to offer tried and true strategies that allow new academics to experience publishing success. View the titles.



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