Rodeo Stories III: Glory Days

Key Information

Rodeo Stories III: Glory Days, By Chimp Robertson

2017 [ISBN: 1-58107-308-9; 294 6 x 9 inch pages; soft cover] $20.95


Myles Culbertson: On the Book

Those of us who grew up in the cowboy culture and took part in its iconic sport, whether professionally or for just a short while, all have a story or a few to tell. RODEO STORIES III, the third in a series of true rodeo stories, has compiled and recorded accounts of the sport that may have soon been forgotten and, for the excitement, humor, heart, and characterization of a life unlike any other, their loss to history would have been a shame.

Chimp and I are molded from the same culture of cowboys who plied their trade on the ranches of Texas and New Mexico, and our families have been intertwined over more than three generations. We’ve known the long days and stand-in-the-stirrups miles looking over the brow-band, but also the fast moving action of the rodeo arena.

My own rodeo career was relatively short, confined to my youth, but I have known a lot of good hands, amateurs and pros, and have been witness to a lot of tales worth telling, even creating a few ourselves. Most importantly, friends and traveling partners have once again stepped up to put their memories to paper and not let them be forgotten.

So take a deep seat, call for the gate, and enjoy Rodeo Stories III!

The Author

Robertson has been a rodeo contestant, rancher, private pilot, auctioneer, song writer (songs recorded by Chris LeDoux), Texas and Oklahoma Real Estate Salesman/Broker, skydiver, and U.S. Army Veteran.

Chimp has had articles, poems, and stories published in various publications including the Western Horseman, Horse Lover’s, Hoofs and Horns, Cattleman, Yamaha World, Farm Journal, Paint Horse, and Horseman magazines.

His other books include:

  • KILLIN’ TIME (A Collection of Short Stories)
  • POW/MIA: America’s Missing Men (The Men We Left Behind in Vietnam)
  • MORTAL SECRETS (A Mystery Novel)
  • I’LL BE SEEING YOU (A Battle with Cancer)
  • RODEO STORIES I & II (Collections of True Cowboy Tales)

Raised in Dalhart, Texas he is retired and currently living in Hooker, Oklahoma where he is pumping wells, driving combines, working at a feedlot and team roping.


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