Just for Kicks: Oklahoma Route 66 Music Guide

Key Information

Just for Kicks: Oklahoma Route 66 Music Guide, By Hugh W. Foley, Jr.

2005 [ISBN: 1-58107-105-1; 200 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch] $14.95


JFKwebcovHere’s the perfect guide to take you down memory lane as you drive the most famous nostalgic route in history – Route 66 in Oklahoma! Featuring:

  • An in-depth essay on music from Oklahoma
  • Notable music histories of Okla cities, towns, and tribes on Route 66
  • Notable musicians from Okla Cities and towns on Route 66
  • Where to hear live music, sing karaoke, and find a good jukebox
  • Annual music events along Route 66 in Oklahoma
  • Museums and other places with a musical focus
  • Route 66 Maps for the U.S., Oklahoma, and tribal nations in Oklahoma
  • Where to collect vinyl and other music memorabilia

Oklahoma’s performers, composers, music institutions, and songs are a significant part of the rich and diversified musical heritage of the state, but, more importantly, this state-based perspective provides us with a fuller and deeper appreciation of the American music landscape. As the scholarship associated with American music continues to increase, so does the need for more in-depth research into regional studies of music. When completed, fuller documentation of music at the state level will become a vital component of American music history.

The Oklahoma Music Guide series and its accompanying documentation aspires to encourage students, teachers, fans, and scholars to continue appreciating, researching, and writing about the great array of Oklahoma music and its contributions to world culture. The Oklahoma Route 66 Music Guide also hopes to encourage a new brand of cultural adventure: musical tourism. Included in this concept is sharing the state’s profound musical legacy; providing those interested with a beacon for finding its current musical activities and sites of interest; documenting the players and singers of Oklahoma’s stretch of Route 66 who have made music history; and, of course, keeping the radar up for whatever is going to happen next.

The Author

An assistant professor of communications and fine arts at Rogers State University in Claremore, Dr. Hugh W. Foley, Jr. has contributed scholarly articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries on American Indian music, rock, jazz, blues, and country music to The OklahomaEncyclopedia of the Humanities (2007), The Encyclopedia of the American Indian (2005), The Sounds of People and Places (2003), Oklahoma Music Guide (2003), The New York Encyclopedia of the Humanities (2002), TheGuide to United States Popular Culture (2001), and LivingBlues (1998). He is a charter member of the Friends of Oklahoma Music (FOM) Board of Directors, having served as vice-president as well as chair of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame induction selection committee.

Foley has also been actively involved in radio since 1977, during which time he has worked as a disc-jockey, program director, music director, and announcer at stations in Oklahoma, Atlanta, GA, New York City, Berkeley, CA, Germany, and Japan. Currently, he is the music director and a reporter to Radio and Records for 1600, KUSH AM, an independent Americana station in Cushing, Oklahoma. He also serves as the faculty consultant at 91.3, KRSC-FM, the radio station at Rogers State University where he is the world music reporter for the College Media Journal. Additionally, he produces and hosts an American Indain public affairs and music program, Native Air, on both stations. He lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with his wife, Geri, and their son, Nokose, and drives on Route 66 every day he goes to work at the university.


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