ReprintsIn an effort to better support researchers, students and other scholars, New Forums Press now offers a more responsive approach to supplying journal articles and book chapters. Available in either PDF format sent to you by email, or in a print version mailed to your postal address, the reprints may be ordered by following the guidelines below.

Acquiring Past Issues or Individual Articles

Online: Individual articles may be purchased for immediate download in PDF format for The Journal of Faculty Development, Volumes 18 through the current issue; or, for The Journal of Applied Research in the Community College, Volumes 12 through the current issue.

Print: Individual journal articles or book chapters may be purchased in print or PDF format through our online store by providing the article or chapter citation when ordering.

Entering Subscriptions to Begin Immediately

Online: Online subscription to all journals, both individually or institution-wide, are available.

Print: Print subscriptions to our journals are available through our online store (note that online subscription orders may be made here also, along with institutional and overseas subscriptions). Call 405-372-6158 if you have questions.

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