The Uniting Power of Conflict

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The Uniting Power of Conflict: A Psychologist’s Proven Strategies for Real-Life Situations, By John E. Hoover

2013 [ISBN: 1-58107-258-9; 122 pages; 7 1/2 x 9 1/4 inch; soft cover] $25.95


UPC1covLearning to deal effectively with conflict and to respect disparate viewpoints is vital to building and maintaining successful relationships—at work, at home, and elsewhere—but where can we acquire the skills for doing so? In The Uniting Power of Conflict, the author reveals how people with divergent viewpoints can avoid the usual pitfalls and engage in a constructive process. I demonstrate:

How working with conflict can be transformed into a mutually beneficial process How engaging in this process can enrich the quality of every relationship in your life; How the simple yet powerful rules for the Baseball Model of Conflict can level the playing field to create room for all viewpoints and positions. While not everyone enjoys sports, it is not necessary to know how to play baseball or even to have seen a game to learn the Model of Conflict.

Start today with The Uniting Power of Conflict to transform your life and relationships

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Chapter 1. Playing Works!

Chapter 2. The Baseball Model of Conflict

Chapter 3. Conflict—It’s Universal!

Chapter 4. Batter Up!

Chapter 5. What Is Conflict and Where Does It Come From?

Chapter 6. Fight or Flight?

Chapter 7. Mastering the Steps for Engaging in Conflict

Chapter 8. Emotions and Beliefs: A Dynamic Intersection

Chapter 9. Are You a Switch-Hitter?

Chapter 10. Taking the Game on the Road

Chapter 11. Post-Game Wrap-Up: Baseball and the Uniting Power of Conflict

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About the Author

The Author

John Hoover is a leading innovator in human psychology and organizational development. He is a unique combination of academician, storyteller, psychologist, teacher, college administrator, business coach, and veteran of the United States Marine Corps. His professional publications include papers in the Journal of College Student Personnel and A Handbook of Structured Experiences for Human Relations Training (University Associates Press). In 2010, John co-authored The Elders Speak: Two Psychologists Share Their Lifetimes of Experience (Lulu Press, 2010), a candid, sometimes humorous, and poignant anecdotal perspective on lessons learned as a psychotherapist.

Whether he is leading Gestalt training weekends for mental health professionals or creating and conducting workshops for educational institutions, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies, John leaves an indelible mark on the lives of those he serves. His own personal insights, wisdom, and interpersonal skills combine to create a unique learning experience for individuals and groups. Specialty areas include Emotional Intelligence, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), understanding personality types through the Enneagram, teambuilding, motivation, biofeedback, stress management, and leadership development.

John’s creative approach to managing conflict has found an international stage with presentations throughout the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Mexico. The model applies to every person and any organization and has received testimonials from numerous clients, including the United States Army, Survivability & Lethality Analysis Directorate (SLAD), the Internal Revenue Service, and the University of Tennessee. In 2010, he was the featured Community Spotlight in a University of Tennessee National Public Radio interview.


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