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Featured Titles for Educators

Oklahoma’s Chief of Public Instruction 1890-2015: The Position, The Politics, and the Public Servants (Superintendents)

“From E. D. Cameron, first state superintendent in 1907, to Joy Hofmeister’s election in 2015, from 5,600 school districts at statehood to 520 today, Dr. Stern has crafted an impressive overview of the stories of the men and women who pushed, pulled, and inspired Oklahomans to make education a high priority. This scholarly study carefully shares the difficulties created in the mandates and limitations imposed by a massive state constitution written by populist leaders committed to the “will of the people,’ the challenges of bringing together the varied tribal nation school systems in Indian Territory with the Oklahoma Territory county school systems when the two territories were reluctantly joined together as the new State of Oklahoma. This is a ‘must read’ book for anyone with a link to the education profession.” / Reviewed by Clarence G. Oliver, Jr. was superintendent of the Broken Arrow Public Schools and is Emeritus Professor and former Dean of the College of Education at Oral Roberts University.

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Great Teachers: Exploring Excellence in Education

“Kevin Bartram’s Great Teachers is an impressive composition that takes us on an analysis of how to apply best strategies used by some of education’s most inspiring teachers. His in-depth exploration offers elements of dynamic contrast to heighten the awareness of teachers so they can lean into their full potential and meet the needs of ALL students. The chromatic experience of this book are the leading tones that authenticate learning in and out of the classroom. The finale is up to us.” / Reviewed by Princess Moss, National Education Association Vice President

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Navigating the Dissertation: Strategies for Doctoral Advising Faculty and Their Advisees (Second Edition)

This book examines the intricacies of the doctoral educational process and delineates a pathway for continuous improvement designed to shape and enhance better professional relationships between dissertation advisors, new and seasoned, and their advisees. Thus, its objective is to cultivate opportunities for increased retention and graduation. The book includes critical principles, interwoven with students’ and faculty’s real life experiences which serve as illustrative vehicles. Moreover, its innovative approach departs from other books that provide generally only a one-dimensional view, usually from the student’s perspective. The titles of many of these are couched in metaphors of survival and overcoming a threat, rather than centered in strong initiatives that lead to timely graduation in a supportive and encouraging environment. This book offers innovative leadership approaches to transport advisors and advisees to successful outcomes.

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