Fostering Religious Literacy across Campus

Key Information

Fostering Religious Literacy across Campus, By Miriam Rosalyn Diamond

2011 [ISBN: 1-58107-201-5; 212 pages; 5 ½ x 8 ½ inch; soft cover] $20.95


FRL1WebCovEducation sponsored this Institute for Religion on Campus and Community, with funding from the Jesse Ball duPont foundation. This publication is a description of the diverse curricular and co-curricular projects developed at these institutions.


Miriam Diamond and her colleagues in the Society for Values in Higher Education have produced a wonderful little volume that deals with a major contemporary problem in higher education: how to foster religious literacy across the American academic landscape. This is a vexed (and vexing) problem in the American academy, and the authors have made a major contribution – which continues the tradition of Bellah, Wuthnow, and Prothero. To quote contributor Nancy Thomas, “American civil society seems less than civil”

America, and its colleges and universities, are engaged, if not embroiled, in debate over the nature of secularism, over-politicization, freedom of speech and learning. Following a number of conferences and grants, the authors have produced a book that addresses, in a most thoughtful and balanced manner, two major themes that can frame the discussion. Why should religious literacy be pursued in a college education? What are some of the specific campus initiatives among some of the most innovative (and varied) campus environments? I highly recommend this volume to educators, faculty, and advanced students interested in the future of liberal education and religious literacy over the next decades.

Norman Adler, Chair, AACU ‘Big Questions’ Project/Conference Yeshiva University University Professor of Psychology & Special Assistant for Curriculum Development, Research Initiatives, and Graduate Fellowships

The Editor

This work’s editor, Miriam Rosalyn Diamond, PhD, is an instructional-curriculum developer who coaches and supports academic departments, faculty and graduate student instructors at diverse educational institutions nationally and abroad. In addition to coordinating the Society for Values in Higher Education’s Religion and Public Life Project, she has been Associate Director for teaching effectiveness at Northeastern and Northwestern Universites. Miriam teaches and researches topics in the fields of Education, Psychology, Ethical Development and Religious Studies.


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