Hints for Success in School

Key Information

Hints for Success in School: A Practical Guide for Students, By Joe Deely

2018 [ISBN: 1-58107-312-7; 158 pages; 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches; soft cover] $15.95


“Joseph Deely’s Hints for Success are practical, easy to understand, and get right to the point. All students (and teachers and parents too) can look through these hints to find ones that can help them. If you’re already successful in school, read through the hints and pat yourself on the back when you recognize what you’re doing right. I’ll use Joe’s hints to help students improve their goal setting and self-affirmation skills.”
Mark Hopkins
M.A.Ed., Special Education Teacher, New York State

Students and teachers will appreciate these key benefits of the book:

  • Provides practical hints teachers can use to help their students.
  • Great quotes from interesting people.
  • “Try this” suggestions to put hints into practice.
  • Inspirational for grade improvements.
  • Provides skills that students can immediately apply.
  • Easy to understand with examples of success.

The Contents

Introduction / ix

Section 1 – Hints Students Can Be Successful at Today / 1

Section 2 – Hints That Change Bad Habits into Good Habits / 23

Section 3 – Hints That You Can Work On Outside of School / 47

Section 4 – Hints That Require Internal Change / 73

Section 5 – Hints That Require Some Help from Others / 99

Section 6 – Hints That May Take a While / 119

Last Thoughts / 143

About the Author / 145


Hints for Success in School is a great read not only for student but parents alike.  The practical rational for every step is easy to ingest and implement.  Joe’s easy sense of humor and practicality, both combine for a perfect plan for success.  As a high school counselor, I will no doubt both use strategies found inside but, also forward on this book to my students and parents to assist in increasing success in school.  Joe is not only a great person but one of the best teachers a child could have.”

                Doug Reimondo

                                M.S. Ed , School Counselor


“Using an armada of unique life and classroom experiences to ignite his inspirational, thought-provoking prose, Deely has crafted an engrossing book that will leave readers of all ages and abilities with a long list of quality tips for modern-day academic success.”

            Paul Smartschan

                                Library Media Specialist, XC & Indoor Track Coach,

                                Assistant Soccer Coach, Powhatan High School


“A wonderful insight into the lives of students in the classroom. Thought provoking and truly motivating!”

                Sharon Faubert

                                Attendance Officer, Coordinator of Adult Education


“Mr. Deely’s Hints for Success stands out as a relevant and interesting read for students in a sea of otherwise mundane student guides. The book is written in a pragmatic style that will keep the reader engaged. Mr. Deely’s real life experiences and care for student success transfers beautifully to the text in a friendly and caring voice. A must read for students of all backgrounds and levels of success.”

                Dr. Michael J. Massa

                                High School Principal

The Author

Joe Deely graduated with a Masters in Education degree from James Madison University in 1995 and started teaching that fall. He has taught students in grades 6 through 12 his entire 23-year career in public schools.

As an alternative education teacher, he finds that his students often struggle with academic, social, and emotional difficulties. His specialty is teaching kids who have a hard time understanding what to do to be successful at school.

“I learn something every day from my students that helps me become a better teacher,” he notes, adding, “The lessons they have taught me have inspired this book.”


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