Adult Literacy in Writing

Key Information

Adult Literacy in Writing: Enjoying Mastering 99% of the Rules Governing Commas, Semicolons, Colons, Apostrophes, and Usage, By Loren Logsdon & Nancy Genevieve Perkins

2004 [ISBN; 1-58107-076-4; 250 pages; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 inch; soft cover] $29.95


ALIWSome things are for “grown ups only”! This book is one of those things. The allusions used in these exercises refer to a historical scope of philosophical and literary reading, TV shows, movies, songs, and personalities. Double entendres and plain ole puns sprinkle the exercises. And the exercises are mini-stories of characters who inhabit most colleges, universities, and small townsÑthough not in so extreme forms. These are the activities of active adult minds which enjoy playing while working.

Welcome to Adult Literacy in Writing. While many handbooks and workbooks are available for you to study punctuation and usage, they often assume that a student wants and needs to have every rule and every exception explained. This book was written because as vintage teachers we believe that before a student studies all the rules that a few basic rules are essential. This book will provide you with those basic rules.

Two types of information will help you acquire this knowledge. First, a brief explanation of the concept will be given. Second, multiple exercises with their answers are available so that you may practice the concept.

Each chapter builds, or scaffolds, on the previous chapter’s information. It is not necessary that you do all of the exercises in each chapter before proceeding to the next chapter. Once you are secure in your knowledge governing each chapter’s concept and are making very few errors applying it, go on to the next chapter. If in a later chapter you should realize that you don’t really have a firm command of some earlier material, then go back to that material and do additional exercises or reread the material.

The Contents

Chapter I: Fragments and Complete Sentences

Chapter II: Fragments, Run-ons, and Comma Splices

Chapter III: Commas

Chapter IV: Semicolons

Chapter V: Colons

Chapter VI: Apostrophes

Chapter VII: Review of Ten Punctuation Rules for 90%

Chapter VIII: Words Often Confused

Chapter IX: Review of All Material



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