New Forums Press introduces a series of “Bundles,” sets of books related to specific topics and bundled together to help introduce scholars to a specific topic for adaptation to the classroom. Bundles will be offered with special discounts and/or additional resources such as free or discounted subscriptions and instruction packets.

Here we offer our first such effort, The Applied Creative Thinking Bundle, that includes the works Introduction to Applied Creative Thinking, Teaching Applied Creative Thinking, It Works for Me Creatively, and a free one-year online subscription to The Journal of Faculty Development. We further encourage you to sign up for the free eNewsletter, Applied Creative Thinking. Click on the box below to read more details and to place your order.


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DougDollarIcon2Doug Dollar, Ed.D., is President of New Forums Press, Inc., Stillwater, OK. An infantry veteran of the Vietnam war and a retired Major General, US Army, he is a member of the board of directors for the Scabbard and Blade Collegiate ROTC Honor Society. He has cultivated a life-long interest in publishing efforts.
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