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New Forums Press Content DistributionWhen we began our publishing effort more than 30 years ago with the acquisition of a single academic journal, the avenues for providing content to scholars were straight forward — and few.

Paper and ink, with content assembled painfully from varying word-processing tools (often having to be rekeyed), cut and pasted into camera-ready copy that was then sent to a printer, who then shipped the journals and books back for mailing – that was the norm.

The internet was in its infant stages and to just have a website up and running was a major accomplishment, and so primitive that by far most awareness of a new offering was attained through direct mail.

Thank goodness, those days are gone, forever! The internet and other digital technology has been a boon to publishing efforts of all stripes, and to a measurable extent has leveled the playing field so as to open new avenues for the world of ideas, especially in academia. (Tweet this quote.

We have been able to benefit from these trends at New Forums Press, but would like to do more; and, thus with the posting of this message, we revise our avenues of providing information through tools such as social media, information blogs, and electronic newsletters and books. We call this “Our Plan,” and it involves:

  • Identifying “key forums” we wish to focus on in addition to our traditional offerings. These are highlighted on the default page of this site.
  • Launching a blogging platform to facilitate and speed up the flow of information.
  • Recruiting “featured authors” we feel are well suited to provide blog posts that support our plan of action.
  • Reaching out with electronic newsletters, books, and other formats that prove to be of benefit to our readers and authors.
  • Spreading information through social media, webinars, and whatever medium furthers the goals of “Our Plan.”
  • Offering other free “publications” to include eBooks and eTools that enhance our various content vehicles.
  • Accepting more submissions by aggressively seeking relationships with authors and scholarly activities, such as Eastern Kentucky University’s Noel Studio for Academic Creativity, our partner for the Applied Creative Thinking key forum.

Of course, we will continue our more traditional print publications, our proven online offerings, and the title categories developed over the years that have endured. Our plan, though, is to provide focused content to a wider audience in a more convenient manner.

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DougDollarIconDoug Dollar, Ed.D., is President of New Forums Press, Inc., Stillwater, OK. An infantry veteran of the Vietnam war and a retired Major General, US Army, he is a member of the board of directors for the Scabbard and Blade Collegiate ROTC Honor Society. He has cultivated a life-long interest in publishing efforts.
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